Regional Division #2

Woman Superintendent Crystal Robinson

Regional Division #2 Pomeroon-Supenaam

Stations Boundary

That part of the state which extends from the Atlantic Ocean at its northern extremity to the watersheds between the tributaries of the Cuyuni and Supenaam Rivers at its southern extremity and from the Moruka River and the watershed between the tributaries of the Pomeroon and Waini Rivers at its western extremity to the Essequibo River and the watershed between the tributaries of the Supenaam and Essequibo Rivers at its eastern extremity.


Contact Us

Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s)
Regional Commander – W/Superintendent C. Robinson 685-9006/620-6605 771-4010
Regional Deputy Commander/ Community Relations Officer – W/Assistant Superintendent S. Isaacs 613-2101-697-7710  
Divisional Detective Inspector (Crime) – Inspector B. Helliger 665-3006 777-5360
Traffic Inspector – Inspector T. Griffith 645-2174 771-4212
Chief Court Prosecutor – Inspector H. Ramsewak 643-0713 771-5004

Region 2 Map OutLine