Circulation of Disreputable “Letter” of Allegations

Circulation of Disreputable “Letter” of Allegations

The Guyana Police Force notes the circulation of a document bearing the insignia of the organisation that it sees as nothing more than obfuscation. The document seeks to cast aspersions on the character of senior officers and to bring the force into disrepute.

The Guyana Police wishes to advise that the purported document is in no way an official correspondence of the GPF. This document is a pathetic attempt to sidetrack from the real issue at hand which is the finance audit. The GPF will launch an investigation into the creation and circulation of this document. Those culpable will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Be reminded that several officers were placed on administrative leave to facilitate investigations – which are ongoing – into some $300M unaccounted funds in the Finance Department.

Only recently the Minister of Home Affairs, during his Budget 2021 presentation, endorsed the investigations. It is therefore highly suspicious that after the announcement of the disappearance of the $300M that this document has suddenly surfaced.

In conclusion, the audit is ongoing and the findings will be shared with the general public, and those found to have committed any illegality will face the full force of the law.


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