Erroneous Publication of Alleged Rape Matter

Erroneous Publication of Alleged Rape Matter

The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Kaieteur News today Monday March 01, 2021, under the caption “Spanish woman raped, sodomised, battered as neighbour rushed to help – cops pelt clothes to her, release rapist”.

The article stated that a Venezuelan woman was allegedly raped, sodomised and battered on Wednesday February 24, 2021, by a man whom she knows as an acquaintance, after she had agreed to have sex with him, allegedly at his home, on payment.

During this arrangement the man became sexually violent and she managed to escape into the yard, but he caught up with her and continued to physically assault her.

The article further states that ranks of a passing mobile police patrol were informed and that they went into the yard and returned with the victim’s clothing which they threw at her; and that her assailant was allegedly handcuffed and soon after released by the police ranks.

The GPF is clarifying that during Wednesday February 24, 2021, the police responded to a report made through the 911 system that a man was beating a woman in a yard at Tucville Terrace, Tucville, Georgetown, and a mobile patrol was dispatched.

On arrival at the scene, the police were informed by residents that the man had beaten the woman who was in a semi-conscious state and covered with a sheet under which she was naked.  The police summoned the ambulance while arresting her assailant and recovered the victim’s clothing which was handed to hernot thrown – so that she could be fully clothed. Up to that time the only report the police had was one of alleged domestic violence/assault.

The victim was admitted to hospital while the man was placed into custody until February 28, 2021, when he was placed on bail.

Following her release from hospital, the woman made a report to the police at Alberttown Police Station where she stated that she had been raped, sodomised and assaulted.

Her assailant has been re-arrested and is in police custody as the investigation continues into this matter.


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