Regional Division #5

Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper

Regional Division #5 Mahaica-Berbice

Stations Boundary

That part of the state which extends from the Atlantic Ocean at its northern extremity to the watershed between the tributaries of the Berbice and Abary Rivers and the Berbice and Mahaicony Rivers at its southern extremity and from the Berbice River at its eastern extremity to the Mahaica River at its western extremity.

Stations/Outpost within Region

Contact Us

Names/Offices Cell Number(s) Office Number(s)
Regional Commander – Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper 620-6809 232-0967
Regional Deputy Commander – Assistant Superintendent J. Dufu 601-6001 232-0313
In-Charge Traffic – Sergeant R. Downer 668-5830 232-0313
In-Charge Crime – Inspector S. Murugayya 660-7402 232-0313
Community Relations Officer – W/Inspector M. Grosvenor 681-5427 232-0313
Chief Court Prosecutor – Inspector P. Sheriff 687-4722 232-0313


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