Social Crime Prevention Strategy in Motion

Social Crime Prevention Strategy in Motion

As the Guyana Police Force continues it’s countrywide Social Crime Prevention Initiative, ranks from Regional Division # 1 being led by Commander, Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan, recently visited Arakaka District, Barima Waini.
The Commander during the visit interacted with members of the public and sensitized them on the following topics:

1) Professionalism of Policemen in the district

2) COVID-19 Emergency Measures 

3) Use of face mask

4) Social distancing/public gatherings

5) Curfew in effect

Commander Ramlakhan while interacting with the residents listened to their concerns and promised them to look in to same. He also urge them to follow the COVID-19 Emergency Measures so that the Region and by extension the country can combat the dread disease.

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